The game is played with a ball that spins on a small wheel with 37 slots round numbers, then the ball will stop on one of the numbers. The aim of roulette is to predict the exact figures. Results bets depending on the size of bets placed.

How To Play

If you choose an even or odd number, the number 0 is not included even or odd.

Straight Up – Bet on one single number (including zero). Includes 1 figures.

Split Bet – Bet on the line between two numbers (including zero). Includes 2 figures.

Street Bet – Bet the end of each row of numbers. Includes 3 figures.

Corner Bet – Bet in the corner where four numbers meet. Includes 4 figures.

Line Bet – Add at the end of two rows at the intersection. Covers all the numbers in the second row (a total of 6 numbers).

Column Bet – Add in one of the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ at the end of the column. Covers all the numbers in the column amounted to 12 numbers (0 not included).

Dozen Bet – Bet in one of the three boxes marked ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’. Includes 12 figures.

Red / Black – Choose one black or red from the game. Includes 18 points.

Even / Odd – Choose odd or even numbers. Includes 18 points.

If the value of your bets includes:

1 figures  35 x value bets

2 figures 17 x value bets

3 Figures 11 x value bets

4 figures 8 x value bets

6 figures 5 x value bets

12 figures 2 x value bets

18 figures 1 x value bets