Dragon Tiger is one of the games of poker. Players can place their bets on ‘Dragon’ and ‘Tiger’ dealt by ‘Banker’

How To Play

Played with 8 decks of card

Players can place their bets on dragon, tiger, tie or the three of them

One card will be dismissed at the beginning of the game

Banker will deal 2 cards

Both of that card will be face up, one belong to the dragon, and one to the tiger, sides with the highest value will win the game

Winning scheme and payment

The highest card is King. And the lowest will be ace. Calculations based on the value of the card, the amount of the same value is ‘Push’

How to count the card

If the bet on the dragon wins, the results obtained are 1: 1 of the total value of bets. If the value of the two cards are the same, you lose half of the bet

If the bet on the tiger wins, the result obtained are 1:1 of the total value. If both of the cards have the same value, you lose half of the bet.

If you bet on tie, the winning pot are 1:8